London, United Kingdom, 26th June, 2019 — Europagrid has expanded its operations to Asia and have opened new offices in Mongolia, in the capital city Ulaanbaatar, to help pursue its energy-related investment opportunities in the local market.

Once the fastest growing economy, the Mongolian market has been Europagrid’s interest since 2013. Back then Europagrid carried out its first strategic review of Mongolia’s capacity to contribute to Asia Super Grid and its associated infrastructure and since then identified a number of other investment opportunities that leverage Europagrid managements’ core competencies.

Opening up a local branch is part of Europagrid’s initiative in Mongolia called ‘Warm Homes’ that focuses on improving the living and climate conditions in Ulaanbaatar through large-scale energy infrastructures. Gaining local presence is a crucial step to nurture business relationships with local partners and to maintain local oversight for the permitting process for new projects, which the company will announce as they mature. Europagrid will pursue partnerships with leading local civil engineering companies there.

‘Europagrid is proud to bring new investment and opportunities to the city of Ulaanbaatar and to significantly deepen our partnership with the city and people of Mongolia,’ said Rory O’Neill, Europagrid’s CEO.



Europagrid is a specialised developer of cross-border transmission projects and energy internet grid technology. These projects help to connect renewable and carbon-free generation sources to key markets.

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