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The interconnectors under our development provide backbone infrastructure to support the delivery of renewable energy to end-users, on a wholesale scale and business-to-consumer scale. These electricity links reinforce energy network allowing large renewable generation sources to access key markets and assist in system balancing. Our projects are ensuring security of supply, opening new markets and creating new opportunity for power trading.

Our smart interconnectors’ network with state-of-the-art HVDC subsea cables represents a major step towards a global transition to energy sustainability.

Short-term goal

Short-term goal is to build missing links for priority energy corridors in the European Union, assist in rolling out smart infrastructure, enabling and empowering domestic energy users in both developed and developing countries.

Medium-term goal

Medium-term goal is to build energy bridges across the Mediterranean to open up the North African market with vast amounts of stranded renewable projects waiting to be built.

Long-term goal

In the long term, we will contribute to build the “energy highways” that will let, for the next centuries, huge amounts of energy to flow, allowing resources to be shifted from continent to continent.

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