Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / London, UK / Dublin, Ireland, 6th November, 2019 — Europagrid Mongolian Gas Network (MGN) announces a new gas distribution network project to be developed in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, and its outer districts. The “Enduring Solution” project is designed to make a meaningful contribution to the capital’s air pollution crises and enhance the economy by delivering a sustainable energy network which brings with it massive opportunity for local businesses and the community to benefit from safe, efficient and cost effective heat and energy.

The company’s main goal is to invest and build a modern gas pipeline network to serve the Ulaanbaatar citizens and future generations, to significantly and rapidly reduce the debilitating air pollution in the capital, to deliver clean burning gas to homes and businesses over efficient, reliable and secure networks, and to displace coal as the primary energy source for heating and cooking, ensuring affordable energy for everyone.

The ‘Enduring Solution’ plan is designed to:

  • Decrease emissions through infrastructure.
  • Make the benefits of clean burning natural gas available to more members of the community faster.
  • Use the most advanced technology and drive broader innovation in the energy sector.
  • Make gas cheaper for consumers.
  • Drive sustainable growth and employment.

‘We have been studying the market since January 2018 and the Mongolian Gas Network project is the first in a series of secure and clean energy infrastructure projects which we intend to deliver in Mongolia over the coming years. The best way to predict the future is to go and build it,’ explained Rory O’Neill, Founder and CEO of Europagrid and MGN.

To enable delivery of this key service to as many communities as possible, the company will utilise a mixture of technologies, including off-network gas distribution hubs via community gas CNG tanks, whilst the pipeline network is being rolled out.

‘Access to natural gas reduces fuel poverty and air pollution. That’s why we are leveraging our expertise in energy networks which are the life blood of emerging economies. Our “Enduring Solution” is an ambitious plan in both scope and intent. It is a “flagship initiative” which centres on creating a resource-efficient Mongolia, securing health, social well-being, social equity and should be supported and promoted to ensure an improved quality of life for all,’ added O’Neill.

The project represents an initial capital investment of 200 million USD in direct new energy infrastructure for Ulaanbaatar with hundreds of kilometres of gas distribution pipelines being constructed.

The plan for the ‘Enduring Solution’ is one of the most ambitious deployments of gas pipeline infrastructure in the world and to design, build and roll-out this complex and technical project will take time. But once it is built, it will future-proof Mongolia and its capital city for generations to come and have a significant impact in finally dealing with decarbonisation and air pollution.


About Europagrid

Europagrid is a specialised energy infrastructure developer, specialising in building energy network projects and energy internet grid technology. Based in London, UK, the company develops cross border energy interconnection projects connecting countries and continents using cutting edge technologies. Europagrid Mongolian Gas Network was set up specifically for the purposes of this project.


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