Changing the energy storage game for unbreakable and self-healing networks.


Cost reducation


Reduced land footprint


Scale project enabled

Europagrid has been developing DC systems for energy interconnectors for more than 10 years. The same degree of expertise and innovation has supported us in developing high-performance energy storage batteries.

Solar after sunset

Energy, rain or shine

Energy transitions are underway in many countries with a significant increase in the use of wind and solar power. To integrate these variable renewable resources into grids at the scale necessary to mitigate climate change, energy storage will be key. The increased use of wind and solar power with storage can help decarbonise power systems; expand energy access; improve grid reliability; and increase energy systems’ resilience.



Applied in power generation enterprises for auxiliary frequency modulation.

Peak shaving

As a storage power station, directly involving in power grid peak shaving.

Abandoned Luminous and Wind Energy

Applied to the field of new energy power generation, solving the problem of insufficient capacity of the delivery channel.

Backup Power

Serves as a large-capacity uninterrupted backup power supply.

Commercial Energy Storage

Earn revenue on the user side through peak-to-valley electricity price difference.

Grid Side Energy Storage

The energy storage station is connected to the medium voltage distribution network to solve short-term load power fluctuations.

Pure progressive performance

Lower cost

of operation and maintenance

Reduced footprint

with less equipment

Direct access

to medium voltage DC system for future DC power distribution applications

With smaller footprint and lower cost

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