London, United Kingdom, 7th September 2019 — In its plans to extend its business operations in Asia, is to open new offices in Shanghai soon. The Shanghai office will be the latest addition to the group’s growing number of offices worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in London and offices in Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mongolia, the company will have a local presence in China allowing it to more closely collaborate and better manage relationships with its local Chinese partners and to secure the supply chain in the local market.

The Chinese market represents an important and immediate opportunity for Europagrid’s business across a range of applications. With the advent of new technologies, the accelerated advancements and cost declines in ultra high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission lines and recent strides in energy storage and distributed generation, Europagrid has started to partner with innovative companies who further new horizons and with whom the company can work together on developing and commercialising new technologies to enable a zero carbon society.

‘In case of renewable energy, the energy is completely different from traditional sources of energy. It requires a completely new scale of thinking in terms of the scale of power transmission to export the renewable energy e.g. from the Middle East to South-East Asia, to Sub-Saharan Africa, to Europe. We have started the early stage development of those long-term projects that will take more than a decade to realise. These are the big “energy highways” that will let, for the next centuries, huge amounts of energy to flow, allowing energy resources to be shifted from continent to continent. We are happy that together with our new offices in Mongolia we are closer in location to our technical and research partners to make our vision come true,’ said the CEO of Europagrid, Rory O’Neill.



Europagrid is a specialised developer of cross-border transmission projects and energy internet grid technology. These projects help to connect renewable and carbon-free generation sources to key markets.

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