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Energy Interconnection

Europagrid is a specialised developer of cross-border transmission projects and energy internet grid technology. These projects help to connect renewable and carbon-free generation sources to key markets. 


Global Leader

Be a global leader in the development of long-term infrastructure to enable the future of energy and extending its global reach.


Zero Carbon Economy

Build a strong portfolio of energy assets for the future to fully enable “zero carbon” global economy.


Game Changing Innovation

Keep developing and building the future through ambitious energy infrastructure projects and synergistic systems, creating the conditions that will generate tomorrow’s game changing innovations.

Europagrid’s Key Focus Is
Cross-Border International Connectivity

The interconnectors under our development provide backbone infrastructure to support the delivery of renewable energy to end-users, on a wholesale scale and business-to-consumer scale. These electricity links reinforce energy network allowing large renewable generation sources to access key markets and assist in system balancing. Our projects are ensuring security of supply, opening new markets and creating new opportunity for power trading.

Our smart interconnectors’ network with state-of-the-art HVDC subsea cables represents a major step towards a global transition to energy sustainability.

Short-Term Goal

Short-term goal is to build missing links for priority energy corridors in the European Union, assist in rolling out smart infrastructure, enabling and empowering domestic energy users in both developed and developing countries.

Medium-Term Goal

Medium-term goal is to build energy bridges across the Mediterranean to open up the North African market with vast amounts of stranded renewable projects waiting to be built.

Long-Term Goal

In the long term, we will contribute to build the “energy highways” that will let, for the next centuries, huge amounts of energy to flow, allowing resources to be shifted from continent to continent.


State-of-the-Art Technology

The power grid of today has not changed much since Edison or Tesla. Hundred and fifty years on, power is still transmitted through copper cables, we burn coal and use fossil fuels to turn on engine.

Europagrid works on R&D and commercialisation of innovative transmission technology to move electricity over long distances, effectively utilise its potential to build missing links for priority energy corridors, as well as provide high-end smart grid assets, including distributed storages and EV charging stations, with low costs, high performance and long life.

HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) technology is essential to the renewable generation sources  which are becoming more important to modern power grids because they efficiently and safely transmit the power they produce over the typically long distances involved, and from often remote locations to the population centres that need it.

It does this without incurring the transmission losses associated with AC, and in a way that is instantly and precisely controllable.

Its cables can be buried underground in certain cases to minimise visual impact, but even where they are not, it has a lower visual impact and requires less cable and space than AC pylons.

The technology offers stable and secure connection of power networks that operate on different frequencies or are otherwise incompatible. In addition, interconnection can facilitate power trading, between two countries for example, benefiting both with a lower average cost of power, and making each country’s grid more efficient.

Once installed on a country’s power grid, HVDC systems improve their stability, reliability and transmission capacity.

As the use of renewable electricity increases, the technology will also underpin the joining up of network of national grids that will become an ever-smarter ‘supergrid,’ into which increasingly electrified transport networks will be connected.

Land & Subsea Cable

Converter Station

Energy Storage

“Europagrid is driven by the development and commercialisation of innovative technology that can enhance the strength of the electricity grid, provide greater security of supply, make the energy grid far more sustainable and that all in environmentally friendly manner. We want to build the new energy routes bigger, stronger, better, to ultimately end up rewiring the planet.”

Rory O’Neill — Founder & CEO


Europagrid is a company founded on the premise that investment in good science and the rigorous pursuit of R&D excellence can translate into new products and technologies that can positively
affect the world around us.

To transmit power across continents requires innovative energy industry and breakthrough technologies. Our goal is to create first-in-class and best-in-class transmission technology.

Examples of our ongoing research are:
     > Long-Distance Superconductors
     > Efficient Environmental Permitting Program
     > Oceanography & Submarine Route Analysis
     > Interconnection-Based Power System Modelling
     > Autonomous Operation of HVDC Grids
     > HVDC Cable Standardisation
     > Very Deep Water Cables
     > Renewable Energy Integration Assessment for North African  
     HVDC Interconectors


The back-bone of Europagrid’s R&D activities is the superconductor technology development. Superconductivity is an electrical resistance of exactly zero, occurring in certain materials below a characteristic temperature. Superconductors offer the promise of important major advances in efficiency and performance in electric power generation, transmission and storage that will result in new paradigms and in societal advances that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. The transmission cables of the future are likely to be high-temperature superconducting power cables rather than conventional cables.

We are currently pursuing different materials for long-length conductors needed for subsea cables, which would allow an electrical DC current to flow with substantially lower transmission losses.


We are developing a large core energy infrastructure that is required for transmitting vast amount of wholesale power from renewable generation sources.

Western Europe Project

Atlantic Link is a multi-terminal infrastructure combining 500 MW and 1,200 MW HVDC interconnection projects to be built between Spain, France, United Kingdom and Ireland, creating an energy ring along the Western coasts of Europe.

The link will provide a key cross-border infrastructure to create new trading routes and renewable energy corridors, helping to eliminate bottlenecks, enhance security of supply in the region and ending the energy isolation of the Iberian Peninsula and Ireland from the rest of the internal energy market.

Africa—Europe Project

Verdi Interconnector

Verdi Interconnector is a 1,000 MW HVDC interconnection line connecting Tunisia with the Italian island of Sicily, creating an energy bridge across the Mediterranean.

The link will allow the two continents to exchange power and increase the use of renewable energy. There are prominent economic benefits of interconnection due to the complimentary advantages arising from different climatic conditions, load and generation characteristics of the two continents.

The project will be a catalyst for the development of large-scale renewable generation, tapping into the vast renewable energy potential of North Africa. 

Middle East—Europe Project

Noor Link is a 2,000 MW HVDC multi-terminal interconnection line to be built between Turkey, Cyprus and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The project will give both continents improved reliability and access to electricity and sustainable generation. It will help the Middle East to continue being an industrial powerhouse for the export of energy.


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